Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Program Bacaan Luas 2012 - makluman para ibu bapa

Dear ML Students,

Please be informed that ML Unit is embarking on Extensive Reading Programme in Term 2 Week 1. Below are the details,

Key Understanding of the Programme : Reading adds value to life of the reader.

Aims of the Programme :
1. The reading programme aims to inculcate in SST students the love for reading.
2. The reading programme aims to enhance students' learning of the Mother Tongue Languages and culture.
3. The reading programme aims to cultivate their interest in current affairs.

Every Malay students are encouraged to follow the schedule given. This schedule helps to ensure that the students are exposed to various genres, consistently. Hence, do acknowledge the schedule by signing on it.

For the Malay students, please indicate in the Comment below stating "Cikgu, saya telah memaklumkan kepada ibu bapa saya dan mereka telah meletakkan tandatangan mereka. Terima kasih."

Note : 'Majalah Siswa' has not been delivered to the school as of today due to techincal problem at the publishing company. The magazines will be given to the students when they return to school on Term 2 Week 2.

Cikgu Azizah.Ahmad

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